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2020 Tax Information

Frequently asked questions regarding 2020 taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will 2020 Tax Information for Unemployment Benefits be available?

All of the information related to unemployment benefits needed to file your 2020 federal income tax return will be available on Friday, January 22nd. This information is provided on a Form 1099-G and includes all unemployment benefits paid to you during 2020. Information for all benefits that you repaid during 2020 is also provided by logging into your unemployment benefit account.

Why did I receive a Form 1099-G?

All people that have received unemployment benefits during calendar year 2020 are required to be provided with a Form 1099-G. These forms will be available on Friday, January 22nd by going online and logging into your unemployment benefit account. On your Form 1099-G you will find details for calendar year 2020 regarding the amount of unemployment benefits you received. Also, in your unemployment benefit account, you will find information       regarding any benefits you have repaid. The Internal Revenue Service refers to this document as the “1099-G” as it is specifically for unemployment benefits.

What if I moved since collecting unemployment benefits?

The U.S. Postal Service will not forward mail from this Agency to a claimant’s new address. For security reasons, the postal service returns all undeliverable mail to NH Employment Security. Please update your address immediately by going online and logging into your unemployment benefit account. You can also immediately access and print your own Form 1099-G from your unemployment benefit account.

What if I need a Form 1099-G from a prior calendar year?

Form 1099-Gs issued from 2009 through 2019 are available online by logging into the unemployment benefit system and going to your correspondence box.  If you need a Form 1099-G for a year prior to 2009 please contact the Unemployment Hotline at (603) 271-7700 and speak with a customer service representative.

What time period is covered by the Form 1099-G?

The Form 1099-G covers the calendar year January - December. For example, the 2020 Form 1099G covers the time period January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020.

How do I report the amount of benefits I repaid?

For questions on how to report benefits repaid during 2020 please refer to IRS Publication 525.